Get Commercial Solar For $0 Down!

By partnering with Astound Energy, you’ll get the best commercial solar power system, customized to your specific needs. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’re able to answer questions and help simplify the process of going solar—for businesses, schools, and public organizations alike.

Why Choose Astound Energy?

Astound Energy help your business save tens of thousands of dollars or more on energy over the lifetime of your commercial solar! Plus, most can get solar power with zero money down and start saving right away! Being the best solar company doesn’t mean anything without the best customers!

Why Choose Astound Energy?

A Commercial Solar System Will Save You Big

Astound Energy is proud to offer the best commercial solar systems at a price that just makes sense for your business. In addition to offering industry-leading solar panels, we also feature top-of-the-line solar carports as well as solar energy storage solutions to help you maximize your business savings!

We believe in giving our customers a first-class experience and that starts with honesty, integrity, and education, which is why we’re there for you every step of the way. From the initial consultation until the day the system is installed we’re here to make going solar a smooth and easy process for you and your business!

Commercial Solar Power Solutions

Industry Leading Commercial Solar Products

When it comes to solar panels, we only use the best that the industry has to offer. At Astound Energy we strive to set the industry standard by providing a first-class experience for each and every customer. We make going and staying solar simple with commercial energy solutions optimized for what you need while saving you the most money for your business.

Implementing a solar program can help boost your bottom line, invigorate employees and improve your brand reputation. With Astound Energy your system is a fully integrated solution designed for efficiency, reliability, and rapid installation–so you can quickly realize the benefits of solar with minimal business disruption.

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Commercial Solar Battery Backup Solutions

Tesla Powerwall Solar Power Storage Battery Commercial Solar nstall on Concrete Walls

When integrating solar technology with a commercial solar power solution, it’s important to ensure solar panels and solar battery backups work together in a way that helps your organization achieve its energy goals. Adding battery storage to your solar installation helps increase savings by reducing the demand charge component of your utility bill, keeps the lights on during outages so you do not have downtime with your business needs, and shifting grid energy usage to less expensive times of the day.

Learn How Battery Backups Work

Solar Power Projects

Here at Astound Energy, we take pride in every single commercial solar project we do! From solar panels to solar parking lot carports, you can be sure you are getting the best solar products for your business at the best price from the best solar company in the industry! Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of our completed projects and see why our commercial solar solutions are among the best in the industry!

Residential Solar Power installation from a solar referral program

Customer Reviews

Check out what our customers are saying and see why we have the best commercial solar the industry has to offer at prices that can’t be matched!  Contact one of our energy experts today to learn how much you can save by getting solar power for your business!

Commercial Solar FAQ

Time is money, it’s true. And in the case of energy, time costs more money every year. Electricity rates go up year after year, and are impossible to predict. Investing in solar now protects your business from price volatility. Depending on your location and whether you choose to buy or lease your solar system, you can lock in low electricity rates for 20 years or more, and even eliminate 100% of your electricity bill.

While it may sound daunting to learn about an entirely new form of energy, we are here to help. Astound Energy has helped lots of organizations just like yours go solar. We’ll guide you through the steps to taking your business solar – which are simpler than you might think.

Choosing to go solar isn’t just a financial decision. It’s an environmental choice. Businesses that cultivate a focus on sustainability are experiencing powerful brand effects. A solar panel system on your business makes a strong statement to your customers. Their relationship with your brand grows. Employees walk just a little bit taller knowing the business they work for is running on clean energy. Study after study shows that sustainability isn’t just good for the planet; it’s good for business

For any business, finding new sources of capital to reinvest in the company can be difficult. Solar saves your business money that would otherwise be spent on utility bills. The bottom-line benefits are undeniable. According to a 2016 SunPower survey, 87% of business respondents cite saving money as one of the primary reasons for funding solar projects—with some projected to save hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in electricity costs over the life of their commercial solar panel system. That’s money that directly impacts your bottom line.

The longer you wait to think about solar, the more it costs your business. Commercial prices for solar have decreased 58% since 2012.* However, recent policy decisions suggest we may be nearing the bottom of that downward trajectory. The federal investment tax credit (ITC) for commercial solar was equal to 30% of the amount invested in an eligible installation. However, the ITC rate decreased to 26% in 2021, and will fall to 10% after 2022. Meantime, electricity prices continue to increase year over year. The sooner you decide to go solar, the more you can save.

Costs vary from project to project and are impacted by many factors—project location, utility rates, available tax incentives and more are all key considerations in determining the value of commercial battery storage solutions. Astound Energy will work with you to develop a thorough analysis of your unique situation and help determine if integrating solar energy storage is the right choice for you.