Make Referrals! Make Money!

Join our solar referral program where you can refer your friends, family, and neighbors to Astound Energy and get rewarded BIG. Earn $1000+ for every referral that gets solar power! There’s no limit to how much you can earn, and anyone can participate! To get started, just follow the steps below.

How To Join Our Solar Referral Program

Astound Energy Referral Program


Once you're ready to join our solar referral program you can select the button below to apply! All we need is your name, email & phone number to get started, and don't worry, we never give your information out to anyone, ever!

Send Referrals

Once you've been approved for the solar referral program you will receive an email with instructions to login into your AE Referral Dashboard. Here you can submit referrals, track your payments, and more!

Earn Money

Earn $1000+ for every referral that completes a solar power and/or solar battery storage installation! You can submit as many solar referrals as you want since there is no limit on how much you can earn!

Solar Power Systems Create Green Energy

Astound Energy is more than just a solar company – we’re an energy independence company. Our goal is to help homeowners take advantage of energy technologies new and old to improve their lives, manage their finances, and become more efficient. This is a lifelong endeavor that may start with going solar but certainly doesn’t end there.

Solar power systems create clean energy that won’t contribute to air pollution. They also create energy without water nor have a negative impact on the ecosystem. In fact, the US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy believes that solar power systems could help drop water consumption in at least 36 states.

Whether you’re looking to do your part in making the world a greener place or you simply want to save money on your utility bills, Astound Energy is here for you!


The total percentage solar power systems costs have fallen since 2010


Since 2010, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 42%


Federal Tax Credit available for solar systems installed now through 2032


Solar power generation is projected to climb to 48% by the year 2050

Solar Power Projects

Here at Astound Energy, we take pride in every single project we do! From solar panel installations to solar battery storage installations you can be sure you are getting the best solar power system at the best price from the best solar company in the industry! Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of our completed projects and see why everyone is joining our solar referral program!

Residential Solar Power installation from a solar referral program

Solar Referral Program FAQ

Anyone who owns a home is a candidate for solar – especially those who pay high energy bills. Consider your:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Neighbors
  • Colleagues
  • Customers
There are qualities that make some homes and homeowners especially great candidates for solar. These include:
  • Abnormally high energy bills
  • Exposed roofs – no shading or other sun-blocking elements
  • Harsh climates – hot summers and cold winters that require frequent A/C and heater usage
  • Energy-sucking appliances and features, like pools, hot tubs, saunas, etc. 
That being said, it’s our job to help homeowners evaluate their solar potential – when in doubt, send referrals our way, and we can help the homeowner determine whether or not it makes sense for them to consider solar.

Anyone is welcome to participate in our referral program! The rules are the same whether you’re a customer or not – you’ll receive up to $1000 for every referral that goes solar with us. No limits – send as many referrals as you’d like and watch the rewards stack up.

Start with your own solar experience – talk about the benefits you’ve seen, such as lower energy bills, less concern about running the A/C in the summer, etc. If you’ve had a great experience, your friends and family will likely be interested in learning more about how they can get a similar experience for themselves. 

Many people are unfamiliar with the financial benefits of going solar – in many cases, the perception is that going solar is a luxury purchase. Explaining the fact that going solar can save homeowners money is a great way to get the conversation started. Homeowners who go solar often see lower payments for electricity from day one, and the long-term financial benefits are almost always significant. 

When speaking with a new potential customer, our energy consultants often start by asking one of two simple questions:

  • Have you ever thought about going solar before?
  • What got you interested in going solar?
This gives people the opportunity to answer in a way that illustrates their own motivations to consider going solar. It’s a great way to start the conversation with prospective referrals, too.