Going Solar Has Never Been Easier!

We understand that putting a solar panel on your roof can be intimidating but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Astound Energy helps homeowners & businesses generate their own electricity and gain independence from big utility companies! Request a call with one of our energy experts and learn how much you can start saving with solar power today!

How Does a Solar Panel Work?

A solar panel works by converting light from the sun into electricity. This electricity can then be used in your home, stored in a solar power battery for use at a later time, or exported to the grid when it’s not needed.

Learn How Solar Works

Solar panels are a vital component of any solar power for home system because they are responsible for capturing the sun’s rays in order to generate electricity. When sunlight hits a solar panel, photons are converted into electrons.


Energy particles are absorbed by the solar cells whenever they come in contact with the sun’s rays allowing for the electrons to flow across the panel. This movement of electrons creates direct current “DC” electricity.

Solar Cell

An inverter is a crucial part of a solar power for home system as it is needed to convert the produced DC electricity into Alternating Current “AC” electricity. Once the electricity has been converted to AC, it is then sent to your home to be used.


All converted AC electricity is sent to your home’s electrical panel where it is now ready to power your home and even keep your lights on during blackouts or inclement weather if you have a solar backup battery.

Power Home

A Solar Power System Will Save You Big

While most of us are familiar with the concept of comparison shopping for nearly everything we buy, we most often don’t have that option when it comes to home energy services, until now! With Astound Energy you now have the ability to comparison shop your energy services to get the best savings possible.

Getting a solar power system with the best solar panels not only saves money on energy costs but also allows you more control over the energy you use and protects you from having to pay confusing and costly rates that are constantly rising.

Solar Power System Solar Panel

Solar Install Locations

Our solar installation network currently stretches from coast to coast and all our technicians are highly trained to ensure that your solar panels are installed safely and correctly. Are you looking to make the switch to solar? Contact us today and let one of our energy experts show you how much you can save with solar power!

Protect Your Future With Solar Power

Annual energy costs can be in the thousands. In fact, the average annual energy expenditure per person is $3,052, including transportation and home energy usage. A solar power system can reduce or eliminate these costs as soon as they’re installed. They also offer long-term savings, because the sun is the most abundant energy source on earth!

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Astound Energy only offers the best solar panels & we'll customize a system specifically for your home to ensure you are getting a system that meets your electricity needs while giving you the maximum savings possible!
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Astound Energy offers top-of-the-line battery storage solutions to ensure that you always have power whenever you need it. That means if the power goes out or if there is inclement weather you will still have power to enjoy all of life's luxuries without the worry!
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Astound Energy will customize a solar power system specifically for your business to ensure you are getting a system with the best solar panels that meet your electricity needs while giving you the maximum savings possible with the best products available!
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Astound Energy also offers at-home electric vehicle charging stations that are powered by solar! Our top-of-the-line solar power charging stations let you continue to live life environmentally friendly all while saving money in the process!
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Solar Power Projects

Here at Astound Energy, we take pride in every single project we do! From each solar panel we mount to every solar battery solution we install, you can be sure you are getting the best solar power products at the best price from the best solar company in the industry!

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Customer Reviews

Check out what our customers are saying and see why we have the best solar power for homes & businesses with the best solar panels the industry has to offer at prices that can’t be matched!  The cost of solar panels has fallen 70% in recent years so there’s never been a better time to get solar power! Contact one of our energy experts today to learn how much you can save by getting solar power for your home or business!