4 Best Reasons To Get Solar Power This Fall

Solar Power System on a hillside against trees with leaves changing colors

As solar power grows in popularity some may find it hard to believe that solar panels will generate energy even in the fall and winter months. Solar panels will also produce electricity on cloudy days, just at a lower rate.  While the days are shorter in the fall and the winter, the temperature is lowered as well and that is beneficial to solar panels. The efficiency of a solar panel will actually increase in the cooler months compared to the extremely hot days of summer. That is due to the fact that solar panels will become less efficient at converting sunlight into electricity.

#1 Generate Significant Solar Power & Increase Performance

Solar panels convert the sun’s light – not heat – into energy that can be used in your home. Because of that, solar energy systems will actually perform better in colder environments than in hot ones. Research shows that solar panels will begin to lose their efficiency around 77°F which means that colder temperatures will increase the efficiency of the energy production of the solar panels. With your solar panels working more efficiently, having a solar energy system installed during the fall – or winter – can produce significant amounts of electricity during the cooler months that are right around the corner.

#2 Store Solar Power Energy to Offset Expensive Months

One of the biggest benefits of having a solar energy system installed is having the ability to take advantage of net metering. Net metering allows you to lower your energy bill by banking any excess solar energy generated and earning a credit with your utility company. When you are using less energy in your home during the cooler months, you can potentially generate more electricity than you need.  When this occurs, you can save the excess energy you are making and then apply it as a credit to offset charges during the hotter months when energy usage is much higher.

Additionally, you can also store excess solar energy generated with a battery backup system.  This will allow you to store your extra energy in a battery that you can then use at a later time such as at night time or when a power outage occurs.  You will never be left in the dark again!

#3 Faster Installation Times for Solar Power Systems

Most people know that the busy season for most construction projects is during the spring and summer months.  However, as temperatures being to cool off the overall timeline for an installation may be dramatically increased.  Additionally, there are a lot of solar power companies that will have a more flexible schedule during their off season giving you an advantage to save time and money! Solar power isn’t just for the spring and summer anymore.

#4 Solar Power Tax Credits to Save You Money

With the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, the U.S. Energy policy is now supercharged – not only putting us on a path to reduce carbon pollution by 40% by the end of the decade – but also making it even easier for families to benefit from adopting solar and energy storage.

The law not only restores the Solar Investment Tax Credit to 30% immediately and extends it through 2032 but also creates a new 30% Energy Storage Investment Tax Credit! Additionally, the law creates a new $4.3 billion whole home energy efficiency program along with a $4.5 billion home electrification rebate program for many working and middle-class families!

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