5 Proven Ways Solar Power Benefits Homeowners

Solar Power Benefits

There has never been a better time for homeowners to reap solar power benefits. Plus solar power systems have never been more accessible than they are right now, making it easier to take advantage of the unlimited power of the sun.  Before going solar, it is recommended that homeowners research the pros and cons thoroughly to ensure it’s the right fit for their home – starting with these top reasons to get solar power!

1. Solar Power Benefits Save BIG Money

One of the top solar power benefits is the energy savings that homeowners receive on their bills. Solar energy systems can power whole homes and in turn, reduces the reliance on the traditional electrical grid.  In other words, a solar energy system will not only allow homeowners to take ownership of their own electricity and stop relying on BIG unreliable utility companies but also allows them to help the environment at the same time.

While the initial investment that comes with a solar power system may seem significant, homeowners will get this back and then some through the savings on their energy bills, tax incentives, property value increases, etc.  Additionally, the cost of getting a solar energy system and backup battery system has significantly decreased over the past decade as the technology becomes more affordable and readily available.

2. Solar Power Benefits Increase Home Value

Another great solar power benefit of having solar panels on a home is that it will ultimately increase its value. According to a recent study performed by Zillow, a solar power system can increase the value of a home by 4.1%.  For a median-valued home, that can translate to nearly $10,000 in extra value. Not only can solar power increase the value of a home but it can also increase the chances that a home will sell over a home without a solar power system.  In increasingly competitive housing marketing, a solar power system can make all the difference. Solar power for the win! 

3. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Aside from saving money, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the biggest reasons people make the switch to solar power. Imagine producing your own electricity for your home, saving money, and helping the environment all at the same time!

Unlike traditional energy systems, solar power produces zero emissions making it much better for the environment.  While it is true that the production of solar panels uses a small amount of fossil fuel, that can be easily offset in approximately a year by using the solar panels and tapping into the unlimited power of the sun. Contrary to popular belief, solar power systems are great for the earth and are far superior to traditional power grids. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

4. Solar Power Systems are Low-Maintenance

Over the past decade, the technology for solar power has advanced and become more reliable.  Once a solar power system installation is completed, the upkeep that is needed is minimal making it even more beneficial for homeowners. It is important to keep the panels on the solar power system clean, but that only needs to be done a few times a year. Reputable solar energy companies will offer customers a warranty for the lifetime of the system which usually lasts 25-30 years.

5. Solar Power Works Almost Anywhere

Contrary to popular belief solar panels will still generate electricity even with cloudy weather or low sunlight. Solar panels convert the sun’s light – not heat – into energy that can be used in your home. Because of that, solar energy systems will actually perform better in colder environments than in hot ones. Research shows that solar panels will begin to lose their efficiency around 77°F which means that colder temperatures will increase the efficiency of the energy production of the solar panels.

Additionally, you can also store excess solar energy generated with a battery backup system.  This will allow you to store your extra energy in a battery that you can then use at a later time such as at night time or when a power outage occurs.

Interested in Getting Solar Power?

Making the decision to get a solar power system installed can seem daunting but having a professional on your side to guide you through the process is a huge benefit.  Our Solar Energy Experts will be able to address any questions or concerns regarding solar power systems, installations, upkeep & maintenance, etc. To get started today, contact our Energy Experts by calling (800) 357-7201, or click the Contact Us button to request a call, text, or e-mail at your earliest convenience.

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